We Love you Mumma's

Alicia Goldstien - Wednesday, April 29, 2015

With Mother's Day approaching, I have been thinking about what an important role mothers or any beautiful, kind and loving women have in our lives. They shape us in so many ways, teach us about right and wrong, how to be kind, how to be generous, how to appreciate the beautiful things in life, they are our role models and a safe place to return.

Mother's can offer comforting words like nobody else can, they have such a vast amount of experience and have our best interests in mind, a powerful combination.

This Mother's Day I am appreciating the legacy mothers have left behind, the imprints they have left on so many people's lives and how much better the world is for people like them.

Alicia Goldstien
Jewellery by a Farmer's Daughter

How do we ever say thank you?

Alicia Goldstien - Thursday, April 23, 2015

When I think about ANZAC Day I am overcome with a feeling of gratitude, I can't even begin to think how we can say thank you to those that have allowed us to live in such a beautiful, safe and lucky country.

I have a particular family connection to this special day, which I have featured in my shop window in honour of ANZAC Day, my grandfather Colin John Cameron. Colin was born on 6.11.1925 and was a country lad from Goulburn. He served in the Second World War and was posted with the 13th Batallion to New Guina with the electrical and mechanical division.

He didn't discuss war matters often, but he did share a few secrets with my father, the farmer, one being the stretcher bearers who carried the sick and injured over very harsh terrain were called the fuzzy wuzzy angels, whose hearts were big, as their stature.

After he returned from the war, he joined the C.M.F and rose to the rank of warrant officer second class, for which he was extremely proud. He left us far too early, passing away 26/3/1977 aged 51.

We love and honour you, you are never far from our thoughts.

Thank you for our freedom.

His image here in the photo frame is in the shop window currently as a small tribute to the incredible people like him who fought for us and our country.

This story has been further deepened for me, by visiting Gallipoli last year in 2014 where for me the story came to life. It was an incredibly humbling experience and gave me an entirely new perspective on this important part of history, as well as the still raw emotions associated with it from all sides, still today.


"Lest we forget"

Alicia Goldstien
Jewellery by a Farmer's Daughter

Attention All Colour Queens!

Alicia Goldstien - Saturday, April 18, 2015

I am so excited to be stocking Kester Black nail polish in store! 

Girls, this stuff is high shine, chip resistant polish that also has a "5-free formula", meaning it contains no Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde, Formeheldyde Resin or Camphor. It's suitable for use by chemotherapy patients, expectant mothers and children.

Kester Black is Australian made and owned with sustainable production methods, by using recyclable materials and small batch manufacturing to minimise wastage.

They are CCF accredited (Choose Cruelty Free), guaranteeing that none of their products or ingredients have been tested on animals, their products are also vegan, with no ingredients derived from any animals.

As you may know, I'm bit of a colour person (just a bit!), and I am seriously impressed with the range of colours; from baby blue, soft peach, fluoros, terracotta, purple and wedgewood blue.

Treat your mum, or perhaps yourself, this stuff is awesome!

Available in store at 132 George St, Windsor 2756 NSW

Alicia Goldstien
Jewellery by a Farmer's Daughter

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. All opinions are my own

Cargo Hand Knits

Alicia Goldstien - Wednesday, April 08, 2015

It's so lovely to have a dear family friend send me a great stash of her hand-knitted scarves for the shop. Mandy has a real creative streak and she resides in Central West NSW, so she really knows what cold weather is!

No two are the same; each scarf takes around 10-14 hours to complete. They are made from a luxurious blend of re-purposed mohair, silk, merino, cotton and alpaca.

Now that I have a larger store, it's so nice to showcase clever ladies like Mandy.

Alicia Goldstien
Jewellery by a Farmer's Daughter

Keeping Promises

Alicia Goldstien - Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I promised myself a while ago that when the shop across the road became vacant, that I would not overthink it and take the plunge. Mentally I had moved out of my tiny, intimate and cute little shop 2 years ago. I visualised myself moving to a bigger and better space, so of course 2 weeks before Christmas, when nobody has any spare time, up goes the "for lease" sign!

Worst case scenario? There wasn't one. All I knew was, when I'm old, I would be cranky at myself for not going for it.

So today I find myself sitting in my new shop (slightly larger... just 6x the size!), having been open for 4 weeks. The shop-fit went smoothly, my new space has a nice relaxed, industrial feel. 

Feedback has been really positive, people that didn't like to squeeze themselves into my old shoebox, now love roaming free having a good look at all my treasures.

Absolute highlight is my small workspace where in quieter moments I can rummage through my stash and create, it's an absolute luxury that I love.

We would love you to come and visit! We are open 7 days a week at 132 George St, Windsor 2756, just across from our old store.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Alicia Goldstien
Jewellery by a Farmer's Daughter

Teachers Pet

Alicia Goldstien - Sunday, September 28, 2014

I doubt that my sewing teacher from primary school, would have thought could carve a career in the textile industry. Poor Mrs Black, she didn't deserve a student like myself. I didn't follow instructions very well, it was my way or the highway. I did come a cropper, when I was a few hours into a cross stitch placemat, only to discover it was attached to my school uniform.

Well, I have progressed...... Creating these sweet little brooches dedicated to all the salt of the earth teachers that unselfishly part with their knowledge. I recycled old leather handbags for the stem, lovely rich red wool felt. A yummy great big juicy worm, is mid meal!

These little brooches are nice meaningful gifts for a special teacher that has crossed your path, this Christmas.

Alicia Goldstien
Jewellery by a Farmer's Daughter

A farmer that has a daughter

Alicia Goldstien - Monday, July 07, 2014

"That would be me, the daughter"

I need to re invigorate my visual merchandising passion. That's my inspiration today. My shop window needs a spruce up. When locals wander past my window, do they know my story. From the outside, does my store look like any other gifty shop. Walking into my store is like, stepping into my home, my space.

Is it obvious that I create many of the pieces, I dream, contemplate all sorts of ideas.

Some days, in between dinner and bringing the clothes in....I squeeze a minute or two just to put together an idea that's taking up head space. idea to paint a backdrop for my window. It pays homage to my roots.

It means a lot to me.
I am a farmers daughter, how lucky am I.

Alicia Goldstien
Jewellery by a Farmer's Daughter

Lady in red

Alicia Goldstien - Monday, May 26, 2014

My day started as usual at the shop. I arrived busting for my 1st cup of peppermint tea. A lovely lady dressed in red, popped her headin the door. Accent unknown, I soon discovered that she was here to visit her god daughter for her 20th birthday. She explained that this birthday in France, is more significant than any other. Enough for her to travel from the French alps, to down town hawkesbury.

Her kind neighbour was tending to her plants, whilst she was away. Wanting to take a little thank you home, she was attempting to add to her thimble collection. Boy, did she come to the right store. As I tried to explain that I make Jewellery from recycled objects. My original training in fashion design always pulls me to haberdashery items, such as thimbles. I pointed out a pair of ear rings made from old steel thimbles. The universal language, a smile, said it all. My mind wandered to what else do I have. I miraculously produce a pendant with a shiny informal shaped aqua paper mâché bead, sitting in a cute little old thimble. Sold to the lady in red. Gift wrapped ready for its journey to the French alps.

Regardless of what happens for the rest of the day. My heart is full, I love my job.

Alicia Goldstien
Jewellery by a Farmer's Daughter

Exhibition at Bowerbird Bazaar in Adelaide

Alicia Goldstien - Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Recently home from my first exhibit at Bowerbird Bazaar in Adelaide..... Fell in love with the huge food scene. Discovered that Adelaidians are quite conservative, whilst having a keen eye for the unique. I was warmly welcomed with my one of a kind originals.  

Sydney's early morning starts..... Have launched me into my scarf collection! Over the summer months, I have been collecting a variety of pre-loved garments ( the ones that no one loves any more). My sewing room is an unofficial orphanage for unfashionable strays! They have all been chosen for a reason. It's obvious once I start ! Do I start with a demure colour palette or let it rip? I guess you can tell by the finished product what kind of mood I was in at the time. 

Oh, what a pleasure it is to have creative licence....... I can't ever remember applying for one.  I must make sure I never let it expire!

Alicia Goldstien
Jewellery by a Farmer's Daughter

Online or the Real Deal!

Alicia Goldstien - Friday, October 12, 2012

I really don't understand why online shopping is on the rise. For me, I love the experience. For one, often I don't even no what I am shopping for! I want to be tempted by something that I didn't know existed. Then I want to touch it, try it on, even if it doesn't fit! But the truth is ..... Everyone is doing it!

So my new online store is there for you to have the same experience but with all the convenience. As each piece is a one off, select pieces will be available for sale. I will also be adding goodies that most of you didn't know existed...... I have a background in fashion design. Some days, I feel the need to hit the sewing machine. At the moment I am working on scarves. Spring scarves made from recycled beautiful handkerchiefs, napkins and hand knitted much loved baby clothes. Can you imagine the love that went into the knitting for people they hadn't even met yet? Well you can see it, the scarves are a delightful mix of colour, texture and randomness.

Alicia Goldstien
Jewellery by a Farmer's Daughter